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We’re looking for a super bright and talented product photographer to work full time creating our product imagery. You’ll be managing everything yourself – your time, your schedule, your kit and of course, your deliverables – so you need to be resourceful.

This job isn't for the faint hearted. One week you could find yourself in a dusty factory photographing beautiful products in 50 degree heat, the next you could be travelling through the desert with 40kg of kit setting up studios with new suppliers. It's going to test you physically and mentally. Your levels of patience, enthusiasm and resilience will be pushed to their limit.

It might sound awful but it's not, you’ll be surrounded by an incredible team of people, amazing artisans, and gorgeous furniture. The backdrop, India, one of the most exciting and rapidly emerging countries in the world.

There will be a lot of compromising involved. You’ll be limited by budget, by timings and by the availability of products. You’ll need to be solving problems as you go and delivering fantastic photos from the most challenging shoots. You don’t stop at setbacks, but keep going until it’s done and as good as it humanly can be. You’re self-sufficient - you’re able to control your own travel, your own budget and your own time. You’ll land in Jaipur and get yourself to where you need to be, no problems.




About Swoon Editions

Swoon Editions is one of the UK’s fastest growing furniture brands. Established in 2012, and backed by Index Ventures (Deliveroo, Dropbox) and Octopus Investments (Zoopla, Secret Escapes), we’re on a mission to be a global online furniture brand; making homes remarkable through distinctive design, beautiful craft and fair prices.

We launch new designs several times a week to our growing community of ‘Insiders’ (email subscribers). Product launches are communicated through daily and weekly emails, with each design first produced in a very limited quantity of 10-20 pieces. Using real-time sales data, we test demand very quickly and then scale production on only the most popular pieces.

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